Who We are


 The Way Of Mind and Body (Akron)

  We are a 501c3 community owned social/cultural-center.  Located in Akron, Ohio, the Way Of Mind and Body (The W.O.M.B.) seeks to use culture and poplular education to inspire our community’s creativity and imagination.


  Understanding that the Self is a totality of Mind, Body, and Spirit the WOMB seeks to engage every aspect of the people who enter our doors. Training the body thorough Yoga, Martial Arts, and African drum and dance we seek to raise your energy levels throught rythm and relaxation. Our community garden and vegan cooking classes will show you how to grow and cook healthy food for yourself and your family. Believeing art to be the glue that holds a community together, our weekly Expression Lounge/ Open Mic allows the community a creative outlet in a safe enviorment (phisically, mentally, and spiritually) that is inviting and supportive. We also have dance, music recording, drawing and painting classes offered to members for free.